Crawl baby crawl

I took my first step last Sunday and boy it was so exciting. I had been gearing up for it for almost 10 days and it finally happened. The first thing that I wanted to catch was mum’s phone. After all I am the tech generation.

Life’s been so much fun now that I can crawl and find my way through the living room, catch my favorite toy or go into forbidden areas like kitchen.

I am not yet perfect at it, I have bumped my head twice and have fallen down numerous times, but perseverance my friend! I again get up and start crawling.

My aim is to crawl as much as the baby Bink of baby’s day out . He was a month older than me when he crawled across Chicago, I am sure when I a 9 months old, I will crawl through the London Bridge (of course when its stable and not falling)

Till then, I better go back to practicing my crawling techniques.


Toy music

I love playing with my toys. Mummy says I need to build a tower with my cups, but I like to make sound with them. I like hitting my cup together or on the box and produce some nice music.

I like to bang, tap and hit the toys hard to get some sounds made. I think toys without music are boring. And so my favorite ones are the rattles 🙂

Oh yes, now that I can crawl I also like to slap the wall to get some melodious music into my ears

I do feel bad for mummy and daddy as they are always trying to tell me the real way of playing with the toy. But my take is that kids learn the best when they explore and figure their way out.

What do you think?


Vacation – Part II

After a long bantering about airports and flights, here comes the real post about our vacation.

First day began with a nice dip in the pool followed by a leg shake 🙂 Daddy wanted to sunbathe and relax while mommy wanted to sit in the shade. I drifted off into my dreamland while they continued to argue where to sit. When I woke up I knew who the winner was 🙂 (Hint : We never got to use our sunscreens :))


After we got the pool out of the way, it was time to do some sightseeing. Our first stop was Castillo Monumento Colomares – a monument dedicated to the life of Christopher Columbus. We were greeted by nice Spanish man who played with me a bit and then handed over a nice umbrella to mommy to protect me from sun. How nice of him 🙂 The monument is meticulously carved with numerous stories of Christopher’s discovery of the world. The overall architecture has a fairy tale look and feel and is a must visited place if you are in Benalmadena.

Well, while daddy and mummy tried to get a selfie, I checked out the smallest church in the world at the monument which has also been recorded in The Guinness Book of Records


Our next pit stop was of course a restaurant. I was starting to get hungry and cranky. So we made our way to an Italian restaurant. After a nice dip and a touristy spot all you need is a nice drink aka mango yogurt followed by mashed potatoes and carrots 🙂



We then continued our day with a visit to a butterfly park and nice dinner by the beach side.

Next morning, I woke up at 5 Am and took mommy and daddy to the beach. Can you guess who would have retaliated waking up at 5 ? :O 2017-06-26-PHOTO-00001662

And the day began with nice porridge and avocado mash.

Its funny, we were there for 7 days and most of the days we just sat by the pool, ate and slept in that order. And it wasn’t just me who did that, mommy and daddy played sport as well. Or lets just say I let them play sport 🙂

First Vacation

Sorry buds! I have been away for a quite a while now. Had a bad cough and cold that continued for almost a month. I am in a much better shape now and ready to roll:)

This post is dedicated to the beginning of my travel addiction. We took our first vacation last week and traveled to Spain. Now don’t hold me to the phrase first vacation, travelling to Scotland if you live in London doesn’t count as a vacation!

Just before we traveled, everybody was telling my mum how difficult it would be to travel with a 6 month old and that she should be ready for all those angry looks in the plane. And I wanted to punch their face and tell them, my mummy traveled a lot when I was in her tummy. So I know how travelling feels.

So we boarded the plane and I pretty much slept on the outgoing flight. Once in a while Mum tried to show me out of the window but I was too mesmerized by the  lady smiling at me.  She let me play with her hand and was making funny sounds.

Once the plane landed mum and dad hurriedly tried to get in the queue for immigration. And at that very moment i got hungry. Don’t blame me for it, the last meal that I had was like 2 hours ago. So daddy and mummy got out of the line, fed me, changed me and were the last ones to get the immigration cleared.

We came out of the airport and went straight for a taxi. It was 28 degrees and mummy frantically looked for a place with air conditioning. 🙂 We sat in the taxi and the driver had some nice Spanish music playing. My favorite is by Daddy Yankee Shaky Shaky.

Here is a link to the video

I haven’t seen this video in case you are wondering:)

We reached our hotel and by that time I had started to fall asleep. When I woke up mommy was ready to explore the beach and have some nice dinner by the beach side. And I was ready to finally feel the heat on my face!



To be continued….





Happy birthday to me

It was my b’day yesterday 14th May. I turned 6 months today. I don’t know what to feel and I don’t know what are we celebrating. But my mum was dancing around whole day long and kissing me all over. It feels good when she kisses me and locks her fingers with me.  Don’t get me wrong, I am not a mamma’s boy but I love looking at her and playing with her hair.

The day started with mum and dad dancing with me and around me. I love when mummy shakes and jumps around me. I feel like the most loved boy on this planet. My mummy tells my daddy, I think we need to get Yuvan a present. I love my mum so much

Daddy suggests cutting Indian ladoo cake. Is that even a thing?  May be daddy is just trying to impress mommy since she loves ladooos. Anyways, at about 630 am, mum suggested that we all go out for a walk and she dressed me up warm and cosy. But since I had been up since 4 am and felt good after a nice poop and sponge, I felt asleep.

When I woke up, mummy and daddy were cosily sipping cup of tea and watching netflix. I was happy to see them, and then my granny called. I love my granny, she calls me all these names “suraj, chaand”..I dont know what they mean, but they sound funny and cool 🙂

Mummy brings me a new food today. Carrot puree with milk! Its godly and I think everyone should eat it once in their lifetime. I finish every bit of it and ask for more.

After a nice bowl of carrot puree and milk, I poop and daddy takes me for a bath.  And off I retire for the day after a nice massage.

All in all one of the best days I have ever had!