New found friends

ok. This is very personal but I decided to share with my friends. I love animals – sheep, horse, dog, duck, cats, goat and even cows! Yes pretty much all the farm animals. Well my parents are to blame for that , they haven’t really given me chance to touch a tiger as yet. Else who knows we may become best friends.

My morning starts with petting neighbours dogs. There are days when I don’t see any dog before I head off to nursery and those days basically s****. Sorry for the language buds, but you know I am sad when I don’t meet my friends in the morning.

So, I talked to my parents and now they basically stand outside the door waiting for someone to take their pet out for a walk. Well some of you may say that why don’t you buy a dog yourself? So the deal is once I turn say 7, I will get my own dog, but till then ….

I love making animal sounds, petting them, feeding them and even playing with them. Almost all my books have farm animals and most of my toys are also farm animals. I love coloring farm animals and the best of all I love spotting in random places (on billboards, videos, stickers or even in supermarkets). Its fun! Try it 🙂




Looking back..

As I turn 18 months, I have been reminiscing old times. I have come so far. I was born mere 2.5 kg and now I can tire even the body builders 🙂 I remember mum telling me that my cry was the faintest and that was because I was 1 month early and my vocal chords hadn’t developed enough by then.

But I am sure she is glad that I am able to push around ever the heaviest babies in nursery. Ye ye to me! Anyways, I am now able to form sentences and not just babble random stuff, I am more decisive and not just a Yes man. My favourite word these days is NO and mummy daddy happily agree if I don’t want something.

Must say this new found independence is kinda addictive and I am trying to experiment with my limits. There are times when I would throw in a tantrum just to see how my parents would react and sometimes its just nice to see them squirm and roll their eyes especially when they see me throwing food on the ground. I am not exactly sure how they feel, but I feel great!

I am happy that I am growing up so fast, though daddy keeps complaining that why is he growing up so quickly? Well daddy, if I don’t grow up quickly how will I become like you?


When in Rome…

Its been a while since we traveled. Well, 4 months to be precise.

So mummy decided to join daddy on his work trip to Rome ! Well done mommy! One of the best decisions after you baked me.

So we landed in Rome and oh boy I was so fascinated by the architecture, aglio olio (pasta), stone baked pizzas and lovely old grannies.

We reached in the middle of the night and daddy wanted to be ambitious the next day. He rushed us all to a train station and we still ended up missing our train. Mommy was a bit furious so I decided to take a nap to flee away from her anger 😛

But as they say, when in Rome …so mum and dad took espresso shots and figured out another itinerary .

We went to Trevi Fountain and daddy allowed me to drop a coin. They say if  you drop a coin you will come back for sure. Well I must say, I wouldn’t mind as this place seems to be growing on me .  Imagine having to eat all those Yummy Gelato cones day in and out.

Here’s our picture after a nice shot of Pistacchio and Coconut cream! Yeah Baby!


The next day was intense! What’s Rome without the Vatican? Overheard mummy and daddy that they were here before I came along!

I said Whaaaat? You guys had fun without me, so I decided to give them a hard time.

I ran, walked, crawled on the cobbled stones and ate some bit off the floor.  I even fell three time while chasing pigeons. In the end, they gave up and forced me on my buggy! Its just matter of few years guys when you can lift me up and put me there…..

Here’s me before I started chasing the pigeons


But I absolutely loved the Vatican and its serenity.

The next day was just me and mum. So we started off onto our adventure with the Zoo , walking on the Piazzas and just taking a stroll on the Roman Streets. Below is one of my favorite pics .



Whats Rome without its food? I absolutely loved all the jams, pasta, Pizzas and soups.

Someone asked my mom are you sure he can eat that pasta and I was like whats your problem mate? I will eat what I want and stomped the table.


I loved every bit of our trip and waiting for many more to come!

Adios till then. I will be back with another post very soon.

Love to all!

I turned one yesterday!

Big day for me. I turned one yesterday. OMG, time has really flown by.

I have graduated from milk to chocolates! Yeye, mum finally introduced chocolates and cakes to me yesterday. I was supposed to have a bite of it, but I ended up stuffing myself with an entire cadbury!

Its been a brilliant year. The crawls, babbles and tantrums have really got me so far. I have even learnt how to climb up and down the stairs. I now wave goodbye and blow kisses at random strangers. Women call me cheeky..I wonder why? Hey..I am just trying to make everyone smile.

So I had one of the best days ever! I cut my bday cake at nursery with all my friends singing happy bday Yuvan! Kind of felt privileged. Mummy picked me up at half day and we came home. There she had daddy waiting with a cake. We all then went for soft play

I climbed up and down the bouncy, crawled under the mattress bridge and jumped over a duck.

The place even had some sheeps and I shouted Meeh Meeh (Bleat, Bleat!). My mum burst out laughing and she said that’s not how you call the sheeps. Remember Baa Baa black sheep?

Well, don’t know what she was talking about, but all the sheeps turned their head when i did Meeh Meeh…

We then went for some British Roast and soup and ended the day with a nice warm bottle of milk.

Onto my next year of adventure now.


Crawl baby crawl

I took my first step last Sunday and boy it was so exciting. I had been gearing up for it for almost 10 days and it finally happened. The first thing that I wanted to catch was mum’s phone. After all I am the tech generation.

Life’s been so much fun now that I can crawl and find my way through the living room, catch my favorite toy or go into forbidden areas like kitchen.

I am not yet perfect at it, I have bumped my head twice and have fallen down numerous times, but perseverance my friend! I again get up and start crawling.

My aim is to crawl as much as the baby Bink of baby’s day out . He was a month older than me when he crawled across Chicago, I am sure when I am 9 months old, I will crawl through the London Bridge (of course when its stable and not falling)

Till then, I better go back to practicing my crawling techniques.

Toy music

I love playing with my toys. Mummy says I need to build a tower with my cups, but I like to make sound with them. I like hitting my cup together or on the box and produce some nice music.

I like to bang, tap and hit the toys hard to get some sounds made. I think toys without music are boring. And so my favorite ones are the rattles 🙂

Oh yes, now that I can crawl I also like to slap the wall to get some melodious music into my ears

I do feel bad for mummy and daddy as they are always trying to tell me the real way of playing with the toy. But my take is that kids learn the best when they explore and figure their way out.

What do you think?


Vacation – Part II

After a long bantering about airports and flights, here comes the real post about our vacation.

First day began with a nice dip in the pool followed by a leg shake 🙂 Daddy wanted to sunbathe and relax while mommy wanted to sit in the shade. I drifted off into my dreamland while they continued to argue where to sit. When I woke up I knew who the winner was 🙂 (Hint : We never got to use our sunscreens :))


After we got the pool out of the way, it was time to do some sightseeing. Our first stop was Castillo Monumento Colomares – a monument dedicated to the life of Christopher Columbus. We were greeted by nice Spanish man who played with me a bit and then handed over a nice umbrella to mommy to protect me from sun. How nice of him 🙂 The monument is meticulously carved with numerous stories of Christopher’s discovery of the world. The overall architecture has a fairy tale look and feel and is a must visited place if you are in Benalmadena.

Well, while daddy and mummy tried to get a selfie, I checked out the smallest church in the world at the monument which has also been recorded in The Guinness Book of Records


Our next pit stop was of course a restaurant. I was starting to get hungry and cranky. So we made our way to an Italian restaurant. After a nice dip and a touristy spot all you need is a nice drink aka mango yogurt followed by mashed potatoes and carrots 🙂



We then continued our day with a visit to a butterfly park and nice dinner by the beach side.

Next morning, I woke up at 5 Am and took mommy and daddy to the beach. Can you guess who would have retaliated waking up at 5 ? :O 2017-06-26-PHOTO-00001662

And the day began with nice porridge and avocado mash.

Its funny, we were there for 7 days and most of the days we just sat by the pool, ate and slept in that order. And it wasn’t just me who did that, mommy and daddy played sport as well. Or lets just say I let them play sport 🙂