First Vacation

Sorry buds! I have been away for a quite a while now. Had a bad cough and cold that continued for almost a month. I am in a much better shape now and ready to roll:)

This post is dedicated to the beginning of my travel addiction. We took our first vacation last week and traveled to Spain. Now don’t hold me to the phrase first vacation, travelling to Scotland if you live in London doesn’t count as a vacation!

Just before we traveled, everybody was telling my mum how difficult it would be to travel with a 6 month old and that she should be ready for all those angry looks in the plane. And I wanted to punch their face and tell them, my mummy traveled a lot when I was in her tummy. So I know how travelling feels.

So we boarded the plane and I pretty much slept on the outgoing flight. Once in a while Mum tried to show me out of the window but I was too mesmerized by the  lady smiling at me.  She let me play with her hand and was making funny sounds.

Once the plane landed mum and dad hurriedly tried to get in the queue for immigration. And at that very moment i got hungry. Don’t blame me for it, the last meal that I had was like 2 hours ago. So daddy and mummy got out of the line, fed me, changed me and were the last ones to get the immigration cleared.

We came out of the airport and went straight for a taxi. It was 28 degrees and mummy frantically looked for a place with air conditioning. 🙂 We sat in the taxi and the driver had some nice Spanish music playing. My favorite is by Daddy Yankee Shaky Shaky.

Here is a link to the video

I haven’t seen this video in case you are wondering:)

We reached our hotel and by that time I had started to fall asleep. When I woke up mommy was ready to explore the beach and have some nice dinner by the beach side. And I was ready to finally feel the heat on my face!



To be continued….






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