Crawl baby crawl

I took my first step last Sunday and boy it was so exciting. I had been gearing up for it for almost 10 days and it finally happened. The first thing that I wanted to catch was mum’s phone. After all I am the tech generation.

Life’s been so much fun now that I can crawl and find my way through the living room, catch my favorite toy or go into forbidden areas like kitchen.

I am not yet perfect at it, I have bumped my head twice and have fallen down numerous times, but perseverance my friend! I again get up and start crawling.

My aim is to crawl as much as the baby Bink of baby’s day out . He was a month older than me when he crawled across Chicago, I am sure when I am 9 months old, I will crawl through the London Bridge (of course when its stable and not falling)

Till then, I better go back to practicing my crawling techniques.


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