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Happy birthday to me

It was my b’day yesterday 14th May. I turned 6 months today. I don’t know what to feel and I don’t know what are we celebrating. But my mum was dancing around whole day long and kissing me all over. It feels good when she kisses me and locks her fingers with me.  Don’t get me wrong, I am not a mamma’s boy but I love looking at her and playing with her hair.

The day started with mum and dad dancing with me and around me. I love when mummy shakes and jumps around me. I feel like the most loved boy on this planet. My mummy tells my daddy, I think we need to get Yuvan a present. I love my mum so much

Daddy suggests cutting Indian ladoo cake. Is that even a thing?  May be daddy is just trying to impress mommy since she loves ladooos. Anyways, at about 630 am, mum suggested that we all go out for a walk and she dressed me up warm and cosy. But since I had been up since 4 am and felt good after a nice poop and sponge, I felt asleep.

When I woke up, mummy and daddy were cosily sipping cup of tea and watching netflix. I was happy to see them, and then my granny called. I love my granny, she calls me all these names “suraj, chaand”..I dont know what they mean, but they sound funny and cool 🙂

Mummy brings me a new food today. Carrot puree with milk! Its godly and I think everyone should eat it once in their lifetime. I finish every bit of it and ask for more.

After a nice bowl of carrot puree and milk, I poop and daddy takes me for a bath.  And off I retire for the day after a nice massage.

All in all one of the best days I have ever had!

Its raining diapers

Daddy works in home appliance industry. He is always giving mum advice on what is the best fridge and what is the best washing machine. A bit condescending I would say. Because its mum who uses them most of the time, while Daddy takes up all the fun chores around the house. Such as changing my clothes and making me laugh.

So last night I decided to mess with Daddy’s mind. I came into his dream and told him that his company’s biggest competitors have decided to enter diaper business. Soon he got SOS from his company’s headquarters. He was asked to investigate competitor’s diaper strategy so that they can also respond.

Flash! Next scene. Daddy is standing in a large appliance store with me in his arms, and both of us staring at a wall full of diapers. He says he wants to do some sort of product range mapping. I tell him its very simple daddy. There are diapers for month 1, there are diapers for month 2, and so on. And then some have air ventilation and some do not. Mine always do, otherwise you would not be laughing while changing mine.

But daddy is scratching his head, trying to find something more interesting to say to his bosses. After all, his company’s products are all about innovation. I say why invent a pen when you can use a pencil in space.

Daddy woke up mesmerized. After few moments, he smiled and told mum about his dream. He also told his colleagues at work. They said he needs a break from work. Totally agree. Mission accomplished!

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Solid food for me

As I am about to turn 6, my mum thought of introducing solid food to me. Well I have been making faces, drooling over the thought of eating all that colored foods that mummy and daddy keeping eating.

So its my second week of solid food and mummy has this weird “3 day rule”. God know why does she google so much. She should just feed the hungry baby rather than setting rules. Anyways, first week was amazing, I ate bananas, avocado and porridge. Yum!

Second week, umm didn’t start off very well. She gave me lentil and rice porridge without any salt or sugar. And as per her “3 day rule”, I got only one tablespoon of that tasteless porridge for the first day. I was so glad and thankful for that rule! I choked, made faces and even spat on mommy just to tell her that I am done with this food!

Today, as she put my on my high chair, I knew I was going to be fed. Secretly I was hoping that may be after yesterday, she would not try to feed me that tasteless porridge. But oh boy! I was in for a ride.

And there she brings that porridge again, this time 2 tablespoon. I tried to be an obedient son and tasted a bit just to make her happy. But she took it the wrong way, she thought I am actually liking it and she started almost shoving it down my throat! Now that was too much!

So I threw my worst tantrum. I gagged and choked with watery pureed porridge! I am an actor ain’t I? She got worried for few minutes but stayed put. I just wanted to tell her, I hate this porridge, get me my bananas!


So then I thumped the bowl so hard that all its contents flew out on mommy’s face and my face! Hahaha! That was fun!

I thought mommy will be very angry :(. But she just laughed it off and sat down on the floor. May be she was trying to hide her anger. Who knows? My job was done. I wouldn’t have to eat that tasteless porridge at least for today.

Mommy then got up and hurriedly went into the kitchen and starting mixing and grinding something. After 10 mins she brought another bowl of porridge, but this time it was a sweet porridge. It was not bananas but at least was better than what I was being fed earlier.



Need some air!

My mum is down with hay fever and I am confined to home. How do I tell her that I need to go get some air. I have tried doing da da da and ba ba ba…but she thinks its just plain cute. The more I do it , the more she starts talking back. I wish I could just tell her, mom…I need to go out and get some fresh air.

And then voila, I had an idea ,now that I have started to roll and turn a bit, I turned myself towards the window. She picked me up and took me to the window and I gave a loud like really loud smile

Now, I am all ready and packed to go out!

Can you even imagine how happy I am?



Hello world!

I am almost 6 months old and I don’t have a blog post?! What age are we in like 19th century? So, I got my mum to create one for me.

Everyone, I am Yuvan, 5 months and 27 days to be precise. 5 months have been a hell of an experience with mum and dad and I am more than ready to share it with all of you. But for now, I am going to post my latest picture for you all.

Ah! don’t worry about the scratch. My nails grow like hell and I love scratching my face and sometimes my dad’s too 😉